Fiber is Art Too

Resplendence #4 – Progress

May 15, 2017

Working steadily on another in my resplendence series.  The photos below show my workspace and the front and back of the piece.

In punch needle the work is done from the back often turning the front into quite a surprise.

There is some dimensional punching in this piece.  Dimensional punching can only be discerned from the front.

Resplendence #4 Worktable
Resplendence #4 Obverse
Front, showing dimensional punching
Resplendence #4 Reverse


Accepted to Hamilton Current!

Great news!  Just received my letter from the Fitton Center for Creative Arts.  Both of my entries, “Random Colors, Random Thoughts #2” and “Random Colors, Random Thoughts #3” were juried into the upcoming exhibit, Hamilton Current.

Being juried into this show is quite an honor!

Join me at the opening reception.  It is free and open to the public and will celebrate the 48th Hamilton Current and Miami University Regionals Art Students on Saturday, April 29th, 5:00 – 7:00pm.

For a sneak peek “Random Colors, Random Thoughts #2” is one of the pieces that cycles through on my Home Page.  It’s the abstract in many shades of green.  The colors were chosen at random from my green floss stash.  The shapes were punched randomly without a drawing or color plan.  Not the way I usually work!

Resplendence #3 – Liberty Determined

Another woman (this one resembling lady liberty), another crown.  How could I not react to the current political situation?

Late February, creating the sketch and selecting floss colors
Completed sketch with color notation and 13 stars
Reverse of sketch (the side I’ll be working from) with floss and punch needle
Two weeks later, punching almost completed (seen from the front) with graduated intensity visual fatigue coloration of the American Flag
Early April, punching complete, concentric background circles beaded and final backing fabric selected.  Not quite finished – only 41 stars – more to come

Hamilton Current

Last Thursday I delivered two works to the Fitton Center for Creative Arts in Hamilton, Ohio.  Hopefully they will be juried into the exhibit, Hamilton Current.  It’s kind-of like playing the lottery.  We all know you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket.  In this case, work can’t be selected if it isn’t there!

I am keeping my fingers crossed.



Resplendence #2 In Progress

Saturday February 11, 2017 and I’m busily working on the second piece in my Resplendence series – punch needle, bead, and fabric representations of women wearing mandala-like crowns.
Here are some photos of the work in progress.
The final photo (not here just yet) will show the finished work including all concentric beaded background layers.



Adding beaded trims to finished piece
Partially embroidered (punch needle) piece
Concept transferred to cloth (reversed)
Original concept drawing