About the Artist


Cindy Glam Portrait

Cynthia (Cindy) Malora-Sturdevant, a Cincinnati, Ohio native, received her Master of Arts in Art Education in 1979 from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning.

Retired after 30 years as an art instructor for the Wyoming City Schools she currently lives and works in her Mt. Lookout home.

Cynthia spent one year as a Cincinnati Bombshell contributing numerous crocheted pieces for 13 installation sites in Cincinnati including the “Truly Newly Fiber Chihuly” exhibited in the Great Hall of the Cincinnati Art Museum for the Arts Wave Campaign of 2012.

Her most recent exhibition venues include The Clifton Cultural Arts Center, The YWCA Women’s Art Gallery, The Fitton Center for the Creative Arts, The Cincinnati Women’s Club, ArtWorks, The Kennedy Heights Art Center, Xavier University Art Galleries, and the Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati, of which she is a member.

Artist Statement

Born to a family of “makers” the processes of knitting, crocheting, sewing, drawing, painting, designing and building were everyday occurrences.

Grandad taught me to knit and crochet.  Mother taught me to sew.  Father taught me to use tools.

My creative interests, enhanced through public school art classes, culminated in college where I majored in art education with a concentration in fibers.

The circle and radial symmetry fascinate me.  Faces, real or imagined, intrigue me.  Color inspires me.

Working in colored pencil and fiber recaptures familiar times of quiet creativity I cherished at home as a child.

Beads give all my fiber pieces, including scarves, movement, sparkle and visual delight.

I create mandalas, soundsticks, face pieces and random series works, as each afford me endless opportunities for personal challenge and the joy of making using the tools and materials I know best.

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