New Works for a New Exhibit

MAGMA FinishedFirst of four mandalas promised to an upcoming exhibit at the Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati.  When finished I thought it looked like the glowing, spinning white hot center of the earth.  Title?  MAGMA

Kimono FinishedSecond of four mandalas promised to an upcoming exhibit at the Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati.  Inspired by elements of several garments in a recent exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum.  Title?  Kimono

Only two more mandalas to go!  Wish me luck.


Finally completed after several false starts, a weaverbird composition made by special request for the outgoing President of the Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati – 2018!

Incorporated into the overall design is the weaverbird symbol of the guild along with additional nests, birds, leaves and grasses.  The design is intended to look as if someone is viewing the birds’ unique nest weaving activities through binoculars.


CCAC Golden Ticket Exhibit 2017

Four works from my Resplendence Series were juried into the CCAC Golden Ticket Exhibit!  I was flabbergasted.  Then I went to the opening and learned that one of those pieces, Resplendence #4, Carnival had received 3rd Place AND the Host’s Choice Award.  What can I say?  While accepting my award I turned bright red in front of a crowd of people and almost broke into tears!  Then, to add to the unbelievable course of events that evening, two of my pieces sold!  Guess you’re never too old to take a chance when making art!

See the online announcement

Resplendence #4

Resplendence #4, Carnival   Awards Winner

Resplendence #3 - Liberty Determined web

Resplendence #3, Liberty Determined  SOLD


Resplendence #2  SOLD

I was amazed!

When I arrived at the Fitton Center Season Launch I was amazed to find that my piece “Resplendence #3, Liberty Determined had received the Handweavers Guild of America, Inc. (HGA) Award in recognition of a work demonstrating outstanding creativity and craftsmanship in the fiber arts.  Overwhelming!

Resplendence #3 - Liberty Determined web