Secret Art Works

All of the art presented on this page was donated to the Secret Art Works project. Proceeds from these events directly benefit ArtWorks’ mission to transform Cincinnati through the creation of public art (including murals!) and employment opportunities for visual artists and local teens.
Secret Art works 2016
Mom’s Suitcase Reinterpreted
Secret Art works 2014
Berry Fascinator Fern Fascinator Flower Fascinator
BerryFascinator Fern Fascinator Flower Fascinator
Secret Art works 2013
Talavera Frog #’s 1 – 4
Secret Art works 2012
100_2730 100_2731 100_2732 100_2733
Power Surge #1  Power Surge #2  Power Surge #3   Power Surge #4
Secret Art works 2011
100_2531 100_2530
 Early Mornin’ Blues  Crochet Galore Finds Her Hook…………Again
Secret Art works 2010
  Don’t Wanna Grow Up #2
Secret Art works 2009
Spectacled Spectacular Scarlet Silence Jewled & Jazzed
 Bespectacled Spectacular  Scarlet Silence  Jeweled and Jazzed
Secret Art works 2008
Purple Dream Green Angst Blue Smooch
Purple Dream Green Angst Blue Smooch

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